Raid The Fridge: Data Science & Startups

Thu, 18 Aug 2016 18:30 - 23:00

Kickstart Investment/Workspace

55 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines


Data. It’s not how much you collect but what you do with it.

Have you ever asked yourself:
- How can a non-data expert sift through massive data without getting overwhelmed in the process?
- How can a non-data expert leverage existing data to dig up the unknowns and the unknowables, especially for business development?
- When is data most usable so that organisations like startups (running on limited time and resources) can build and ship products at a time when people need it the most and are willing to pay for a problem to go away?

So come to our August Raid The Fridge and meet Reina Reyes: a data scientist and astrophysicist. She will help sharpen our understanding of data science by deconstructing it three-ways: (i) its benefits; (ii) the business environment needed for data science to work; and (iii) some general hacks on data science for non-experts.

REMEMBER THE DATE: August 18th --- we're re-stocking the fridge, do come over and help us empty it! And say hello to Reina, swap updates with old friends, and make some new friends (over a drink or two)!

The Kickstart Team

About the Speaker
Reina Reyes is a data scientist currently working with Deal Grocer, an e-commerce startup, and Z-Lift Solutions, an analytics consulting firm. She is also a teacher, writer, and public speaker. She obtained her Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Princeton University and was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chicago before returning to the Philippines in 2014 and transitioning into data science. Find out more about her at

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